Saturday, January 12, 2008

Middle Eastern Chicken Salad Wraps

This recipe, again from the August 2006 issue of Cooking Light, provides a fabulous Middle Eastern twist on Caesar Salad. It was incredibly tasty--especially the combination with the layer of garlic hummus. I also tried some new flat bread that was deliciously moist--I will definitely purchase it again in the future: Light Flat Out Wraps (100% stone ground whole wheat).

I took leftovers in my lunch the next day. Although the leftovers were almost just as good as the first time around, the flavor of the caesar dressing was a little more muted. Next time, I would add a little more dressing to the leftovers.

I give two thumbs up for this recipe: one for the flavor of the food itself and the other for ease of preparation.

Purchased salad dressing and roasted garlic hummus combine with lettuce and chicken breast for a no-cook sandwich.

6 cups chopped romaine lettuce
1 1/2 cups chopped cooked chicken breast
1/2 cup chopped bottled roasted red bell peppers
1/4 cup light Caesar dressing (such as Ken's)
1/2 cup hummus with roasted garlic
4 (10-inch) whole wheat flatbread wraps (such as Toufayan)

Combine first 4 ingredients. Spread 2 tablespoons hummus over each wrap; top each wrap with about 2 cups lettuce mixture; roll up. Cut each wrap in half crosswise.

Yield: 4 servings (serving size: 2 halves)

Nutritional Information
CALORIES 336(22% from fat); FAT 8.1g (sat 1.1g,mono 2.6g,poly 3.4g); PROTEIN 25.8g; CHOLESTEROL 50mg; CALCIUM 76mg; SODIUM 591mg; FIBER 10.8g; IRON 3.2mg; CARBOHYDRATE 41.2g

Karen Levin, Cooking Light, August 2006

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Cindy said...

Sounds Awesome. I'd love to try this and the garlic hummus part is definitely appealing. I can see how this would make a great lunch recipe. You could bring all the ingredients prechopped and then mix it with the dressing when it's time to eat. Cool recipe!