Thursday, January 24, 2008

Iron Chef Extension

Congratulations to everyone who submitted a recipe for the first Iron Chef Challenge. Iron Chef Camille, Iron Chef Lena, and Iron Chef Kevin all deserve a round of applause for their fantastic cuisine creations.

Today was the last day to get in your recipes for Battle Potato. However, I am going to be the first to break my own rule and turn my recipe in late. Haha. It's good to be a moderator! Granted, I've already started my recipe but it's a 24 hour project and won't be completed until tomorrow. So, for those Iron Chefs who still want to submit for Battle Potato, you can have until the end of the weekend to submit your recipe and I'm going to shift the timing for future challenges so that they can end on a weekend instead of weeknight for those chef's whose weekday schedules are a little tight. (Not that I have any excuse right now!)

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