Monday, November 5, 2007


I like to listen to the TV when I'm cooking. I don't know why, but background noise often helps me in the kitchen. Even better, I love listening to the Food Network. You'd think it would confuse me but it just inspires me even more hearing about all these great recipes. Unfortunately I have a very tiny kitchen with little room for error and storage space. So, it's mostly listening to the voice of the host, thrilled and excited to share their dish for the night.

One of my favorites, I admit, is Rachael Ray, with her peppy and sassy attitude while measuring and describing what she's doing. Tonight I heard a recipe that I have to try, which I will document once I try it out. It's a play on an old favorite of mine...too bad my meal plans are all set through Friday! Guess I'll just have to wait until Saturday night.


Cindy said...

I have a couple of Rachael Ray cookbooks you are welcome to borrow if you feel so inclined.

Meals planned through the end of the week! Good for you!

Camille said...

Thanks Cindy! I may have to borrow one of your Cooking Light books, those looked really good.

I feel very proud to have meals planned through the rest of the week. I'm trying hard and so far, it's paying off. :)

Tonight, an oldie but a goodie: Sausage and Peppers, this time with garlic.

Tomorrow: A new recipe, 2nd for the week! Will post tomorrow night or Thursday morning.